Low Sugar – Scout and Cellar Clean Crafted Wine

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On the Keto Diet, you focus on reducing sugar. My close friend turned me on to Scout & Cellar – Clean Crafted Wine with low residual sugar.

I am a Scout & Cellar Independent Consultant. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

Dove Hunt Dog Sauvignon Blanc

I quickly became a huge fan of Scout & Cellar – Clean-Crafted Wine when I tried my first bottle of red wine. It was the Dove Hunt Dog Pinot Noir.

When I woke up the next morning, I had no typical head ache that normally comes with drinking any wine.

I have tried many no sulfites added wine and this is the first time that I did not have a head ache or any negative reaction.

Scout & Cellar – Clean-Crafted Wine

I had to share with you why it does not give me a reaction the way other wines normally do.

Producing Clean-Crafted™ Wine requires great care at every step. Strict hygienic conditions are critical throughout the production process.

Clean-Crafted™ Wine grapes are hand-picked, often at night, to avoid exposure to the sun and potential bacteria.

Since fewer grapes meet the Clean-Crafted™ quality standards than those used in conventionally-produced wines, each acre of vineyard yields a smaller amount of Clean-Crafted™ Wine.

Clean-Crafted™ Wine viticulture yields 720 –1,400 bottles of wine per acre of vineyard. Compare this with conventional viticulture which yields 4,300 –7,000 bottles per acre!

Scout and Cellar Wine

Less than 50ppm Sulfites

Each bottle of Scout and Cellar wine has less than 50 ppm of sulfites meaning that each bottle contains less than 5 mg per bottle. If there are 5 glasses of wine in a bottle, each glass only has 1 mg of sulfites.

According to FDA regulations, wines produced in the United States can contain up to 350ppm of sulfites. EU Wine Regulations allow up to 210ppm of sulfites in wines produced in Europe.

Scout & Cellar hold themselves to a much higher standard. Most Clean-Crafted Wines™ contain fewer than 50ppm of sulfites, and all contain fewer than 100ppm. 1ppm of sulfites = 1mg/L

Low Residual Sugar

Scout and Cellar has low residual sugar. At Scout & Cellar they don’t add sweetener. The grapes are perfect just the way they are.

Clean Crafted Wine

The Nest Sauvignon Blanc is delicious and amazing. I would highly recommend it!

Bright and refreshing with lime, underripe peach, river rock and a hint of lemongrass on a light-bodied frame with a clean finish.

Pairs with mild dishes that allow this partially-oaked Sauvignon Blanc’s flavors to shine through. Think soft cheeses and seafood.

No Chemicals or Pestisides

There are no chemicals or pesticides use to grow the clean crafted wine or added to it when it is processed. This is another part of the reason it does not cause headaches.

When you drink Clean-Crafted Wine, you are drinking grapes not the other stuff that is added to mass produced wine. It is pretty frightening what goes into most wines. No wonder why it often gives headaches and leave you feeling terrible.

Scout and Cellar Wine

Only a Small % of Wines Pass the Test

Scout & Cellar wine goes through rigorous testing to protect you and keep the standards of Clean-Crafted Wine. They say no to 85% of the wine tested.

How much do Scout & Cellar wines cost?

You can buy Scout & Cellar as individual bottles or as part of the wine membership. Most of the wines are $20 something with some being more. I usually will not spend more than $28 on a bottle.

Here are some of my favorite bottle based on what I have tasted so far. Both of them are under $25.

(I will be adding more to the list as I taste more wines)

Dove Hunt Dog Sauvignon Blanc

You can sign up for a membership plan where you get a monthly box of 4, 6, or 12 bottles of wine. You can get a mix of red and white, just white, or just red.

You get tons of perks for being a club member. There are some awesome wines that you only have access to if you are a member. Shipping is free for the membership.

Shipping is FREE

You get FREE Shipping with orders over $99 and for all club monthly shipping.

I know that you will love Scout & Cellar – Clean- Crafted wines! They will fit in nicely with your Keto journey!

Get your Scott Circle Membership here.

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