KETO Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

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After cooking Keto and Low Carb at home for the past few years, I have found the most useful Keto kitchen tools and gadgets. These items will help you make your low carb cooking simpler!  

Let’s get back to basics and get cooking some awesome Keto dishes!! 

KETO Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

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Ninja Foodi 

The Instant Pot was my fave for a long time until I discovered the Ninja Foodi! It’s a combination air fryer and pressure cooker! 

You can can cook nearly anything in this baby! It’s easy to clean and you can make everything that you normally would make in a slow cooker in 1/10 of the time!

You might consider it a kitchen gadget, but I think it is essential now. I use it as an air fryer every day and as pressure cooker about every other day.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

You can make these air fryer recipes: KETO Air Fryer Green Beans, LOW CARB Air Fryer Cauliflower Recipe.

And these Pressure cooker recipes too: KETO Instant Pot Beef Ribs, KETO White Chicken Chili.

Sheet Pan & Silicone Mat 

The sheet pan with silicone mat is great for baking and cooking things in the oven. You will save a ton of money on foil and parchment paper as well as helping give you a move even baking surface. 

Oil Sprayer 

Skip the oil sprayer canisters and get your own refillable oil sprayer. 

Food Processor Blender Combo 

This food processor and blender combo helps chop and blend for all kinds of recipes. 

Measuring Cups and Spoons

In order to follow recipes and recreate the magic, we create here at Keto Basic AF you need both measuring cups and spoons. 

This allows me the portion out the ingredients before cooking without having to clean the spoons in between. I like to have simplistic and easy to read measuring cups.

I bought them as a package with utensils that match. If you have some of these already, it’s fine to have duplicates or just toss the old ones. I like to keep my utensils fresh and new and do a kitchen purge every year.

Keto Kitchen Tool and Gadgets

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Glass Mixing Bowls 

My favorite mixing bowls are these glass one from oxo. There are three different sizes that fit into each other. 

You can mix everyone from baked goods to sauces. 

Egg Boiler 

Since we eat so many eggs on the Keto Diet, an egg boiler is extremely helpful. This is one that we have. You stick it in the microwave with water to cook the eggs. It’s super easy. 

Egg Boiler

I also have an egg crate that you can use in a pressure cooker like the Ninja Foodi or the Instant Pot. 

Instant Pot egg Crate

You can make these KETO Deviled Eggs Recipe with this egg boiler or the egg crate that goes in the pressure cooker.

Shake Blender 

If you are a keto shake maker, this small blender is perfect! I use it everyday! You can take it with you and don’t have to plug it in for it to work.

This portable juicer cup is made of food-grade PP & ABS material, BPA-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly, you can enjoy fresh nutrient retention and wonderful leisure time.

It has a built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries that you charge with a USB cable.

The GreenPan

I have bought so many pans and The Original GreenPan are the only ones I ever bought again. I first bought a wok pan thy has still looks and works great. Then, about a year ago, I tossed all my other pans and bought 2 new GreenPan frying pans. They are the best!! 

Keto Kitchen Tool and Gadgets

They have a non-stick ceramic coating that is actually scratch resistant. 

The healthy ceramic non-stick coating called Thermolon™ is made from a sand derivative that does not require the use of toxic chemicals like PFOA or PFAS during the production process. Safe for your loved ones, good for the environment.

Thermolon™ is heat resistant up to high temperatures (as high as 450°C). So should you accidently overheat your pan*, it won’t blister or release toxic fumes.

*Did you know? On some stovetops it only takes 3 minutes for any cookware to overheat, while many traditional coated pans could release toxic fumes when overheated.

Grill Pan 

I like to grill all year long no matter the weather outdoors. A good grill Pan helps make grilling at home so much easier. 

I have the Le Cresuet cast iron skinny grill. It’s a great little grill pan made of cast iron Iy absorbs and distributes heat evenly, then retains high heat for perfect searing.

The durable, nonreactive black enameled interior requires no seasoning, and it’s simple to clean. This slender grill pan fits over a single burner on your stovetop or outdoor grill – or use it under the broiler. It is also dishwasher safe.

Bonus Keto Kitchen Favorites

Here are a few items that you might be able to live without, but I love them dearly! They take my Keto cooking to the next level.

Ice Cream Maker

When you are on Keto, you definitely miss sweets like Ice Cream. I have gone beyond just fat bombs as dessert with the help of this ice cream maker.

Ice Cream Maker

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

I’ve had hand mixers for most of my life and now that I finally have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, I get what all the fuss is about. It makes baking so much more simpler.

Stand Mixer

The mixer does the work and you don’t have to hold the mixer and beat up your bowls and arms getting the work done. It can help you make fun Keto baked goods and fat bombs with nut butter.

Are there other Keto Kitchen Tools and Gadgets you think we should add to the list?

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